Global Diamond Montreal -- About Us

"We are not here to make a single sale. We are here to make you a customer for life."

Global Diamond Montreal is a jewelry design and manufacturing company, specializing in classic and popular designs crafted in karat gold and featuring natural diamonds.

Starting from our humble beginnings in the wholesale jewelry manufacturing business nearly forty years ago, we have been designing and manufacturing in North America since 1982. In 1992, we established our worldwide base of operations in Montreal, Quebec, where we continue to do business to this day.

We are truly passionate about fine jewelry design. Every piece we produce has been painstakingly refined to include features and benefits that separate us from the rest. We employ European-grade fit and finish in every piece, we carefully inspect every parcel of diamonds we use, and we ensure that every single piece meets the highest of quality-control standards.

Because we stand behind every piece we produce, we will not sell any item that we would not be willing to sell ourselves. With Global Diamond Montreal's commitment to quality and consistency, you will be proud to sell our items to your customers.

"The best jewelry, at the best price."

We know that practically every wholesale vendor claims to have the best jewelry at the best price, however you will find that Global Diamond Montreal really is different from all the rest. Our product lines have over 30-years of product testing and design refinement behind them. Our collections have mass-market appeal, and are available for fair-market prices that make it possible for you to sell and make a good profit. Many of our pieces can be customized upon request, and we continue to introduce new items and collections every year. We do not require any minimum quantities, and we can usually fulfill in a short timeline.

We are proud to introduce our online catalog! You now have the ability to showcase our products directly to your customers, without the need to carry physical inventory. Whether you are looking to order new stock, or you would like to show a client a larger variety of pieces, our online catalog makes it very easy for you to browse through our collections.

Global Diamond Montreal looks forward to serving you soon!